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Service $
Eyebrow 20
Lip 10
Chin 10
Sides of face 10
Eyebrow, Lip & Chin 38
Eyebrow, Lip & Chin & Sides 48
Half Leg 29
Three-quarter leg 35
Full leg 40
Top half leg 28
Bikini G-String 25
Brazilian wax 55
Brazilian wax regular 4-6 week maintenance 45
Underarm 18
Half arm 29
Full arm 35
Half leg + bikini wax 50
Full leg + bikini Wax 60
Body Naked Smooth Wax, Scrub Massage and Moisturised SkinBody naked smooth all over face + body Wax with added massage scrub + hot towel + hydration moisturiser. 250
Service $
Eyelash tint 20
Eyebrow tint 12
Eyelash tint + eyebrow wax 38
Eyelash tint and eyebrow tint 30
Eyebrow wax + Lash + Brow Tinting 50
Service $
Spray Tan (Body naked add on next day) 30
Spray Tan 35
Spray Tan (2 pack) 60
Spray tan (6 pack) 150
Spray tan Half body 20
Service $
Natural or French Acrylic or Gel full set 65
Natural or French infill with Gel top coat finish 50
Add extra layers of Gel glitter polish 5
Fancy colour and shape full set 85
Fancy colour and shape infill 70
Acrylic or Gel overlay natural nails 50
Nail repair (first one Alone) 10
Nail repair with infill (each) 4
Buff shape and gel polish finish 35
Buff shape and French gel polish 40
Nail Polish or Gel Paint only 20
Nail art 3
Acrylic nail art 5
Nail art with full set 20
Nail art decals 2
French Gel paint 18
Diamantes (each) 1
Dissolve remove acrylic or gel nails 45
Deluxe manicure 55
Deluxe pedicure 55
Glitter french tip infill 55
Kids & Teens
Service $
Party tips with gel polish 50
Teens only (13-18 years) manicure with gel polish 22
Teens only (13-18 years) pedicure with gel polish 25
Princess pedicure (3-12 years) 15
Princess manicure (3-12 years) 15
High School Girl/short 40
High School Girl/Long 55
High School Girl/Extra Long 70
Children 5-12 years 25
Children 1-5 years 15
Service $
Massage 30 minutes 65
One Hour Massage 85
Massage 90 minutes full body 150
Massage 60 minutes full body 95
Back massage 30min 55
Far infra-red sauna + massage (60min) 85
Massage 75 minutes full body 120
Service $
Add on Mini Jojoba Glow Facial with face wax or tinting 25
Jojoba glow 45Our signature Wadi-Wadi Jojoba | (ho - ho - ba) Helps Skin Help Itself. It awakens and activates your skins natural intelligence, because it’s made just like your skins natural oil. Jojoba is unlike any oil, making it more receptive to receive vital nutrients and antioxidants, restoring balance, and helping your skin behave as it was always designed to do. A treatment perfect for all skin types and all occasions . Includes a cleanse and exfoliation to energise the skin. Followed by a gentle steam and relaxing face and neck massage. Capped off with a mask and moisturiser to revitalise the skin. 70
Nourishing 60Nourishing Range will leave you with healthy, hydrated skin. Using only botanically derived ingredients, this entire collection is enriched with active natural components like aloe vera, quinoa and pomegranate. Proven to hydrate, gently smooth and maintain clear skin, the Nourishing Range is specifically designed for dry, normal and those suffering from problem skin. This facial includes cleanse, gentle steam, exfoliation, relaxing face and neck Massage. Capped off with a mask and moisturiser to revitalise the skin. 85
Ultimate Age - defying 60Targeting every sign of ageing Our Age-Defying Range is created for those who want to prevent the signs of ageing or optimise overall skin condition. Using active botanical ingredients like L 22, hyaluronic acid and co-Q 10, this facial promotes youthful looking skin. A personalised 60 minute journey Including cleanse, exfoliate steam followed by relaxing face and neck massage with Added Gua Sha technique which assists in lymphatic drainage with special serum and mask to your healthiest looking skin. 85
Balancing 60Got congestion ? This 60 minute treatment helps unclog pores and remove blackheads. Enhanced with effective natural ingredients like Bakuchiol (natures retinol), Mountain Pepper Berry and Prickly Pear. Balancing Range is designed for those with acne prone, combination & oily skin, but is uniquely able to treat surface dehydration and calm skin whilst decreasing T-Zone shine. This treatment is designed to get results and still have some relaxation time. 85
Brightening 60Brightening Range facial is specifically designed to target uneven skin tone, age spots and redness, while providing essential nutrients and moisturisation to the skin. With powerhouse ingredients like with Ectoin® and Tyrostat™. Relax and unwind with gentle, smooth application of products and massage movements. 85
Ultimate 75 boost active vitamin C 25% facial with gift 160
Service $
Far infra-red sauna 35
Far infra-red sauna (2 pack) 60
Sauna + full body exfoliating (60min) 85
Sauna + massage + facial (90min) 150
Service $
Cut Short 60
Cut 80
Cut Medium Length and Extra Thick 95
Cut Extra Long Extra Thick 110
Shampoo Blow wave/ Style short 40
Shampoo Blow wave/ Style Medium 55
Shampoo Blow wave/ Style Extra Long 70
Colour Correction(From) 300
Demi / Short 60
Demi / Medium 80
Demi / Extra Long 110
Permanent Colour Regrowth/ Medium Thick 80
Permanent Regrowth / Extra Thick and Long 100
Foils 1/4 Head Short 110
Foils 1/4 Head Medium 135
Foils 1/4 Head Long 155
Foils 1/2 Head Short 135
Foils 1/2 Head Medium 155
Foils 1/2 Head Long 170
Foils 1/2 Head Extra Long 190
Foils Full Head Short 155
Foils Full Head Medium 170
Foils Full Head Long 190
Foils Full Head Extra Long 220
Toner/Sequel Short 20
Toner/Sequel Medium Length 25
Toner/Sequel Extra Long 30
Treatment Novaplex Medium Thick Hair 40
Treatment Novaplex Extra Thick Hair 50
Treatment Mini Leave In 15
Balayage(From) 250
Jojoba Glow Facial, Eyebrow Wax, Wash & Blow dry.60min treatment package 70
Cut, Sampoo, Condition, Blow Dry & Style 80
Peek A Boo foil/slice eachOnly available with full service shampoo, cut and blow dry. 12
Peek A Boo Hair Colour package 95
Service $
Formal Hair Upstyle 110
Bride Hair and Makeup Consultation Trial 150
Bride and Bridesmaid Hair and Makeup Consultation PacakageUp to 3 hours of time 220
Bridal Hair and Makeup on Day 270
Bridesmaid Hair and Makeup 220
Wedding Travel(From) 50
Mother’s Day
Service $
Mother’s Day SpecialSauna and Back Massage and Facial plus Cup of Tea and Free Gift 150

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